Thursday, July 20, 2017

My Summer Garden...

I have been gardening this way for so many years,
I actually can't remember when I adopted this style.
It is much easier to manage, 
less weeds, more fun and it produces plenty of fruit for the hubs and I.
I started with seeds, it was a slow go at first, 
but it is rebounding nicely and looking pretty good today!!


Slices of Tomatoes

Celebration Tomatoes


Herbs and 2 Vinca Plants

This is the Summer Squash on July 17th

here it is on July 18th.

and on the 19th...what a difference a few days makes.

I go out early every day and water,
if I forget, the hubs takes over and waters for me.

The Vinca's around the mailbox are doing very well...

and here's a peak at the birds nest.
It's just as big as it was when we took it down a few days ago,
 the sparrows have been very busy!!

Wednesday, July 19, 2017