Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Yarn Along

It's Wednesday, time for a Yarn Along update
and I have lot's to share today.

I finished my great niece Madelyn's Chevron Baby Blanket
It's washed, blocked and ready for wrapping.

I am back working on the second neutral Chevron Baby Blanket,
the one I started before Madelyn's.
I am buzzing along quickly,
no real mistakes and I just love these colors.

The Gallatin Scarf will be next on the needles.
The yarn looked purple in the shop, but now it looks brownish,
but purplish in the picture.
I think I am having a problem with my color vision.
The hubs say's the green shirt I wear is gray 
and the green flip flops I asked for at the beach are also gray.
- one of us has a problem -

Here's a better look at it...
I have never knitted anything like this but Paige said I could do it.
If not, she will help me.

This is the pattern, I am not sure I have ever seen anything like it!

Here is the cute project bag I picked up in Paige's shop...

and the official NJ Wool Walk Bag.
I did not "need" either of these was a matter of "want"...
and one can never have too many bags - right?

And how about those's been 10 days and they still look amazing!!

Tuesday, April 24, 2018

The New Jersey Wool Walk

Grab your passport,
you've got just four days to visit the fifteen participating shops in New Jersey.
That's the New Jersey Wool Walk.
And don't worry if you had no idea...I didn't know either

I only made it to one shop, 
but that was fine...
I had a wonderful visit with Paige Miller at
I have visited this shop in the past,
and I got to know Paige during my knitting trip to
The New York State Sheep & Wool Festival
in Rhinebeck, New York
Paige stayed in the same house I did and was part of our group.

Her shop is beautiful...
everything is displayed with so much care and attention to detail.

Now, it's time for pictures of the inside, it's gorgeous...

I purchased one of the chevron print, New Jersey bags,
a Wool Walk bag...

and the pattern and yarn to make this 
Gallatin Scarf
in purple of course, I hope I can figure it out.
If not, 
Paige said I could come to the shop, 
during an open knit and she would help me.

There were give-a-ways...

frames, and yummy cookies for all the husbands.

I am sure if I were only going to visit one shop, I picked the best one.
I'm really starting to get into this whole knitting thing...
having fun and doing all the things that knitters do.